Collection Technology

The Vo‘ COVID-19 Kit uses nasal swab collection technology. Nasal swabs are inserted into the lower nostril, which is gentle and easy to perform. Conventional ‘nasopharyngeal’ swabs used in other labs require an invasive and painful nasopharyngeal swab, which is often cited as a reason why people avoid testing. Importantly, The Vo’ test does not sacrifice sensitivity, and is one of the most sensitive tests available. The Vo’ kit includes a medical grade flocked swab to optimize sample collection. The kit can be delivered directly to your home and returned using the convenient return shipping envelope. A specially formulated Molecular Transport Medium inactivates any virus that may be present, allowing safe sample transport.

High Sensitivity

Samples collected using the Vo‘ test kit are tested using molecular testing, the most sensitive technique available today. Molecular testing amplifies viral genetic material (RNA) over 1 trillion fold using q/rRT-PCR. This process allows detection of the smallest quantities of virus, which is critical in screening for early stage infection. The use of other methods, including ‘rapid’ antibody or antigen tests result in a high number of false negatives, meaning that even if your test shows that you are negative, you won’t have a high degree of confidence that you are not infected.


The Vo‘ collection process is a break-through in simple and painless COVID-19 sample collection. A swab is simply swirled around gently in the lower part of each nostril- a simple and painless process. Public collection sites typically use a ‘nasopharyngeal’ swab, where a half foot swab is inserted through the nose, into the sinus, past the eyes, and into the center of the head, near the brain stem. The process is often described as startling, uncomfortable and painful. The Vo’ nasal collection avoids these complications without sacrificing quality or accuracy of testing.


Collect your sample in the safety and comfort of your home at a time convenient to you. In a communal collection site, technicians interact with dozens of people who show COVID-19 symptoms. By collecting at home, you minimize your exposure, keeping you and your family safe. Once the results are verified by our team, they are uploaded to our website where you can log in and easily view the results.